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Travel Wardrobe Capsule (Winter Edition)

Gone are the days of buying up every single trendy piece out there and instead focusing wardrobe capsules are becoming more popular! The concept is easy… invest in 15 pieces that can be paired together in many ways completing your wardrobe for an entire season.

This appeals to me because number one as a mom of 3 I find that money is much better spent investing into moments with my littles than on shopping trips for myself. Don’t get me wrong I love a great shopping day and I ADORE fashion, but at this stage in my life, I just can’t afford to drop $200 every week to get the latest and greatest pieces. Number two, I recently noticed that my closest was full of special occasion pieces leading me to believe that THOSE are the main pieces I tend to buy. I guess I’m a sucker for a great statement outfit! While these pieces are technically good longterm investments, I found that I was neglecting to buy the basic pieces I need on a daily basis! I would go to my closet to get dressed for a Saturday with the family searching for a comfortable, functional outfit and a sequined romper would be staring me in the face! I knew I had to make a change!

This year I was committed to trying a wardrobe capsule for each season starting with Spring (stay tuned for that post.) I plan on giving myself a budget and buying 15 pieces that can be mixed and matched in many ways! As a way to prep for those upcoming blog posts, I thought I would try my hand at a travel winter wardrobe capsule since we are traveling to London with the family in 4 short days!

A week long INTERNATIONAL trip with the family. Two adults, two kids (who are basically the size of adults), and I desperately only want to check 1 bag. PS: the only reason I am even considering checking a bag is because it is still winter and I know we need our big coats!

Just so y’all know, this is a BIG DEAL for me! It is taking a lot out of me to not throw in a random tank top just in case it soars to 80 degree temps, which is won’t, but for some reason I always convince myself it will! I’m sticking to this plan (I think….no I am, for sure, maybe…..)

Below are the 15 pieces that I am packing with me to take on our trip to London. I’ve linked similar pieces however the majority of the things I am taking I either already own or I picked up at my local TJ Maxx!


Choose 3 basic long sleeve layering tops. Choose basic colors. I knew I could pair any one of these with the other items I was bringing and make could make numerous outfits. I picked mine up at TJ Maxx and you can find these anywhere… Target, Amazon, Walmart, you get the gist. I’m not gonna link them.

DRESS (1) –

Comfortable, basic dress. I packed the most comfortable dress I own. It packs easy and doesn’t hold wrinkles and I looks great with ankle boots and tights. Other than a dinner out we won’t be doing anything else that requires me to wear a dress.


This one could be different depending on your style. I’m only taking 1 pair of jeans which are dark, skinny jeans from The Gap. I know I can dress these up or dress them down depending on what we are doing. I debated on bringing more jeans, but I’m a leggings girl and I knew with the amount of walking we would be doing I would be more comfortable in leggings. Plus leggings pack easier AND I can always layer a couple of them if I need to be warmer. This is where I added in patterns, however if like jeans more, I would suggest only packing two pairs of jeans and then adding in a couple more tops.


Choose three sweaters in different styles. This was the hardest choice for me because I love sweaters especially long, warm cardigans. I could easily pack a different one for each day. If I budge on packing anything additional this is where it will be. My suggestion is pack ones that you love, don’t lose their shape after one wear, and you WANT to wear multiple days. I packed my favorite black wrap, a gray pullover with a cute detail in the back, and a long, cozy blush cardigan.


Even though I am tempted to bring my favorite black dress coat because it is SO VERY LONDON, I know I just need one. I suggest packing the style you will wear most. Here is the one linked in the photo.

SHOES (3) –

This will obviously be dependent upon where you are going. I packed a pair of slip on sneakers for traveling in, my tennis shoes for those longer walking day, and then one pair of black boots that I can wear with my dress or jeans.

What do you think of the wardrobe capsule idea?? Do you think it is something you would interested in incorporating??