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October 16, 2019


When you become a mom all of a sudden seemingly uninteresting things start to become all you think about. One of those things are what other toddlers your age are eating. All in the name of keeping our kid healthy, we began to ask questions from other moms about how often their kids eat meat and veggies, if they allow refined sugar during the week, and if their toddler is a grazer or a meal eater. You know the basics.



Hollis's story starts a little differently in that he was born with a swallowing disorder called dysphagia which is basically the inability to swallow safety. His epiglottis didn't completely cover his windpipe so when he would swallow milk would pour into his lungs and he would silently aspirate. After 4 months of diagnosed bronchiolitis and 3 bouts of pneumonia, he finally went in for a tracheotomy and a flush of his alveoli where staph infection was discovered. Thankfully that procedure lead to his diagnosis. He had a gtube placed in his stomach which stayed in for almost 3 years until his throat healed naturally. Once his tube was out, he had only been eating 100% orally for 4 months so our main objective was just get any sorts of food in him. Over the last 6 months his eating has changed dramatically and I feel like we are officially in a "normal" phase of toddlerhood!



Each Wednesday I'll recount what my 4 year old toddler ate the previous Tuesday. I'll give details into the time of day and exactly how much he ate. I'll also do my best to give recommendation of certain foods that seem to be favorites!



Honestly I wish I would have started this awhile ago. I feel like eating in toddlers is so broad. I remember a few months after Hollis was tube free I was worried about his eating habits and a good friend of mine told me the previous day her daughter only ate 1 grilled cheese sandwich. That made me feel so much better because I felt like I was completely failing. Some kids eat more and some eat less, but my hope is maybe this will help normalize what is going on with your toddler and also possibly give you some easy new foods your little one would like to eat!


Let's do this!!


Breakfast - 7AM - I always offer Hollis a banana before anything else because he is a CARBivore. 

1/2 banana 

4 mini pancakes with sugar free syrup 

6oz vanilla almond milk (Hollis refuses to drink cows milk.)

This morning it took him about 30 minutes to finish all of this. And he is still eating with his hands....that's fine right??


Snack - Today was 10am. I waited for him to tell me he wanted a snack. 

A handful of popcorn in a bowl. I threw away half of it.  


Lunch - 11:30 - I always try and feed him right before nap time. Hollis is still learning hunger pains, and I can tell when he is getting hungry not by when he tells us but by his whining and crying.

4 chicken nuggets (his favorite is the Golden Platter honey chicken nuggets from Walmart.) 

6oz vanilla almond milk


Snack - 4:10 - he saw blueberries in the kitchen and asked for some, so I let him eat them out of the container. He may have eaten 10. I didn't really count. 

6oz vanilla almond milk 


Dinner - 7:00

a mini pan pizza - Red Baron mini pizza. They come in a pack of two. Hollis likes these best when cooked in the oven. 

1 green bean - we are still trying new veggies and sometimes these are a hit and other times not so much. tonight was a not so much night.

6oz vanilla almond milk 


I'd love to hear from you!! Let me know what your kiddos are eating and how much and if you have any tips and tricks! I'll be sharing mine and yours along the way!







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