5 Aluminum Free Deodorants Ranked by Price and Amazon Reviews

November 7, 2019

I have officially made the switch to natural, aluminum free deodorant. You can read about my pit detox here.


Initially I made the choice to use Native deodorant because it was the most popular one on the market. I had heard in mentioned the most and when I made an Instagram post about it, the majority of the people who commented said they too chose to use Native deodorant.


I've been using Native deodorant now for 3 weeks and honestly I love it. It smells amazing, it goes on smooth, and it works great! My only holdup from continuing to buy this brand is the price. Before I made the switch I was paying $4 for a stick of deodorant, so switching to one that is $12 was a bit of a sticker shock. I wanted to have the best experience though and since Native came highly recommended I thought it was best to start there.


I'd love for you to go read my entire pit detox blog, but in case you don't, I think it is important to say here, it took a good 2 weeks before aluminum free deodorant actually starting working. I do believe it takes time for out under arms and sweat glands to adjust products. I highly recommend doing the detox before making the switch and also allowing the deodorant about a week to become effective. Also, don't be afraid to reapply if necessary! 


I intend to stay aluminum free under my pits and I'd honestly like for the rest of family to also make the switch, so naturally it only makes sense to see if I can make the change a bit more budget friendly.


I've found 5 popular aluminum free deodorants all available via Amazon purchase. I've ranked them according to price and Amazon rating. These all are very popular natural deodorants, so this isn't about bashing one over the other. We all know everyone's body reacts different to products and some have very specific preferences. The only personal review I can give is about Native deodorant. 




1. Love Beauty and Planet

The most inexpensive brand on Amazon at under $6 a stick with a 3.5 star review. Love Beauty and Planet prides themselves on having an entire product line of skin and hair products that are 100% vegan.


2. Dove

The brand I used before switching to a natural deodorant is now making an aluminum free option. The price is very comparable to their original product. Dove 0% Aluminum is $7 for a single stick (which I couldn't find a single stick option via Amazon) but Amazon does offer a discounted 3 pack option for $16. There aren't many reviews on Amazon, only 8 reviews averaging 3.5 stars.  


3. Native

The brand I currently use and love has over 2000 reviews averaging 4 stars. Native is $12 a stick and via Amazon you can purchase a 3 pack with a variety of scents for $36 - not really a deal there though. You've read my personal recommendation above. Its safe to say I'll be shopping around for another effective aluminum free deodorant, but at least I have one I know works. 


4. Nakd

I had never heard of this brand before discovering it on Amazon. It differs from the ones above in that it isn't coconut or argon oil based, it is Thai crystal salt deodorant. It is also unscented which is very interesting to me.  It is $12 for two sticks (one regular size, one travel size) and it has an average of 4.5 stars. I read quite a few reviews because I found this deodorant the most intriguing aluminum free deodorant on this list and honestly what is said is interesting that I will for sure be giving this brand a go. I'll report back after I've used it for awhile. 


5. Kopari

Probably the second most recognized aluminum free deodorant on the market, Kopari has sold out online 5 times! This is also the only deodorant on this list (to my knowledge) that offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Kopari is the most expensive at $14 with an average of 3.5 star review from almost 2000 consumers. There is a 4 stick variety scent option for $34 which is a pretty good deal. 

Have you tried any of these?? I would love to hear your personal review. DM on Insta!!


This by no means is a full list of aluminum free deodorants so I would love to hear others you are familiar with and your personal favorites!




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