Pit Detox : All You Need To Know

November 7, 2019


Pit detoxes are nothing new in 2019. In fact, if you do a little research via Google or Pinterest you can find all the info you need to know  in order tp detox those pits of yours. Chances are, if you are here, you are familiar with what a pit detox is and why it's necessary. Since I am not a medical professionally of any kind I can't speak to the certainty that applying aluminum and parabens to your armpits will in fact cause cancer.  I've linked to a this article on WebMD with a little more info about the medical side of antiperspirants. (Antiperspirant Facts About Cancer, Aluminum, Alzheimers.)


I'll break it down for ya.....



Most people detox their pits because

A. Their pits are stinky and/or their current deodorant is no longer working.

B. They’ve become concerned about the longterm use of deodorants containing products that could be linked to medical conditions.


I chose to do mine because of B. 


Once again, I'm not a medical doctor nor did I consult an physican’s advice before doing my pit detox.


I have endometriosis which is an incurable condition which normally begins in the female reproductive organs. It is known to spread to other areas of the body and one of the biggest factors in growth is hormones. I had read a few reports of how certain ingredients in deodorant, shampoo, lotions, etc can cause a change in hormones. I decided to start removing slowly removing products I put on my body that could possibly be harmful to the body and cause changes to hormones in an effort to maybe help control my endometriosis.


I'll also preface the next part by saying, this was my way of choice. I'm sure if you read 10 blogs there will be 10 ways. To not keep you in suspense, I did have success with this method!






Start by removing deodorant for a week. Yep, I said it! For an entire week go all natural!


The main purpose of this is basically to sweat it all out and naturally detox your pores by not using anything on your pits. 


I got pretty stinky during this week. I was washing my pits and changing my shirt multiple times a day. Honestly, it was probably a lot easier for me because I work from home and my husband travels half the week, but I'll be honest, those last three days of him being home he and I were both painfully aware of my smell. Embarrassing. 


Quick Tip: Its smart to do this during the winter time! First, its not smoldering hot outside, but also, you can wear comfortable layers to help hide the smell. One day during my detox I had to sing at church. I wore a loose fitting dress and then layered it with a cardigan. 


Keep reading to hear my full 2 week review of the pit detox!! 




This is the mask I used and I can’t rave over it enough! I also use this on my face and while it removes impurities it also tightens and gives a mega glow! This mask was previously listed on my blog 15 Amazon Products you Need to Know About. 



It comes in powder form (this large tub is only $10) and the to get the best benefits, you have to mix with apple cider vinegar.  I put that in bold, because I don't want you to miss it! You can mix it with water, but the results are no where near the same.


To mask my pits, I used the clay mask mixed with ACV and let it harden until it was hard as a rock and cracking. (FYI this is the exact way you use it on your face too.) I then rinsed my pits with warm water and a washcloth.




Might be a good idea to already have one on hand, so after the detox you can apply it immediately! 


You want to look for a deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum or parabens. There are some great drug store options out there! I chose to go with Native for my first go around. Native came highly recommend and it was the brand I was most familiar with in the "natural deodorant" category.  


Check out below to read my “the more you know” list and hear my 2 week review.


Native deodorant smells amazing and goes on very smooth. In fact its the best smelling deodorant I've ever used. I've reviewed the effectiveness of the product below as well as my honest opinions on if I will continue to use. 



(Cue rainbow and chimes.) 

During my first week of switching to Native I thought it wasn't working. After applying in the morning, I would get that itchy, sweaty feeling under my pits and would have to reapply. I also could smell myself during my workout.  If you work outside the home, I suggest packing a stick in your bag because during that first week you’ll need to reapply at least once a day. I’m not sure if the pits still need more time to fully detox, but either way the reapplying is necessary for sweating and smelling.


Into week 2 I no longer had  to reapply multiple times a day, except for reapplying after my workout. The morning application would take me though my workout. I showered and reapplied and felt clean and dry and smell free the remainder of the day. 


Here I am in week 3 and I follow the same schedule as above. If I don't workout I don't have to reapply. There have been a few occasions where I'm more active and I get that itchy, sweaty feel, but I have noticed I no longer smell like body odor.



At this point I have no reason not to. I believe the natural deodorant is working. 


The only drawback I have is Native is quite expensive especially when going from a $4 stick to a $12 stick! I won’t lie, I was sticker shocked and it’s one of the reasons I’ve hesitated switching for so long. Walmart (in store)  does give a 3 pack option for $30, and Native.com gives you the option to subscribe for automatic deliveries for a reduced rate and they also offer a 5 travel pack option for $24. The deodorant itself is effective though so I don't know how I'll feel when I need to replace it. I did also notice many other aluminum and paraben free deodorants that are in the $5-$6 range so I may research those and try a few others before settling on my favorite! I'll follow up and let y'all know what I find. 



Anything else you want to know about my pit detox? Feel free to send me a DM on Insta!!




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