5 Fun & Easy Games for an Adult Game Night

November 14, 2019

It's the holidays so more than likely you'll be hosting or attending many holiday parties and family gatherings. I always feel like an easy to play, yet exciting and fun game adds a nice experience to the evening. 


My criteria for choosing these games was as follows:


Games without extensive rules.

Games that don't take forever to teach.

Games that are safe for the ears of anyone underage that may also be attending the party.


Disclosure: Some links included below are affiliate links, which means I will make a very minimal portion of the sale. This doesn't increase your purchase price at all.


Each player gets their own color of 10 dice.

Everyone rolls their own dice as fast as possible trying to be the first person to achieve 10 of the same number. 

It is a super fast paced game and most games only last seconds. 


For example, on the first roll let's say of all ten dice you roll three 5's. You can put those dice aside and then roll the remaining seven dice trying to roll more 5's. With each roll, you would set aside 5's until all ten of your dice are 5's.


Included in the instructions with the game are other ways to play include Tenzi Tower!!



The description is basically in the name! There are 77 cards and each card gives you a different challenge with the 10 dice. 

It's a great way to extend the game play and make it that much more challenging. 


3. LCR

Two dice with a pile of small chips. The L is for left, the C is for center, and the R is for right.

Depending on the number of players in the game will be how many chips each person receives.

Each player takes turns rolling the three dice which all have a C, L, R, and dots.

The last person standing WITH chips is the winner.


How to play: A player rolls the dice and depending on how the dice read will pass tokens. If they roll and L and a C they will pass a chip to the left and put one in the center of the table. If a dot is rolled means they do nothing. They get to keep a chip. Basically you obey the dice. Unlike other games though, once you lose all your chips though, you aren't out! You simply wait for someone either to your left or right rolls the correct dice to pass you a chip or two! Believe me, the game can turn very quickly! Game play officially stops when only one person is holding chips. 



The pigs are the dice, each containing one dot. You toss the pigs and depending on how they land and which side they land on determine whether you gain or lose points. First person to 100 points win.


It's a hilarious game including funny names for how the pigs land. 



Think beer pong with actual strategy....beer not necessary!


There are two color balls, a wooden square with tall pegs, and cards for game play. According to the card you draw, you and your opponent compete to bounce your balls into the configuration outlined on the card. 

Have you played any of these games or have a one you could add to the list? Message me on Instagram and let me know!! If you add any of these to your upcoming game night I would love to know.







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