Wood Lighting Options

March 11, 2020

1. Beaded Chandelier |2. Geometric Chandelier |3. Globe Chandelier |4. Bell Pendant |5. Geometric Statement Pendant |

6. Shelbi Single Pendant |7. Rectangle Chandelier



Our new home doesn't need many updates, however the lighting is straight from the builder and it just isn't my style. (Once we move in I'll update with pictures.) The floor plan is open and the kitchen, breakfast room, and living room all run together. The fireplace in the living room is a beautiful floor to ceiling natural wood, however everything else in the house is grey and white. In order to pull some of that wood into the the other areas of the home, I'm going to be switching out the pendant lights over the island and the chandelier in the breakfast room. 


I'm pretty big on shapes. I don't like too many of the same shapes in the same area. Since the island is a massive rectangle, I'm looking to add two of either number 6 or number 5. Number 6 is a much larger pendant than number 5, however my husband personally likes the fact that with number 5 he can see the Edison bulb. I love the texture of number 6, but do also love the geometrical shaping of number 5. What are your thoughts?


I'll be waiting to make a final decision on the breakfast room lighting until we move in. Our table is black and rectangle and I have some ideas to change up the seating. Since seating is much more expensive than lighting, I'm wanting to make sure I 100% love what I choose and not wanting to mix things up again in another year. Ya know what I mean?


What do you think about wood lighting? Do you like the idea of mixing tones and textures? 





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