10 Amazon Purchases to Keep the Kids Busy

March 16, 2020


1. Brain Flakes | 2. Tenzi | 3. Bounce Off | 4. Seek and Find Book | 5. Skip It (6 pack) | 6. 6 in 1 card games |

7. Maze Book | 8. Craft Kit | 9. Paint by Sticker | 10. 100 piece Puzzle 


1. Brain Flakes - basically an advanced version of building blocks. These are tiny flower shaped disks with intentions all around and can be made into thousands of different things. 


2. Tenzi - quite possibly the easiest dice game on the planet and yes, even my 4 year old can play it. Each player gets their own color of 10 dice. The name of the game is to get the same number across all the dice. You can roll as many times as you'd like, each time putting aside the number you choose to go for. There are tons of ways to play too!


3. Bounce Off - basically beer pond but a bit more advanced... but designed for kids, but adults love it too! You draw a card with a diagram of how you must land the balls. You bounce the balls to try and land them according to the card you drew. 


4. Seek and Find - like the old school highlight books!


5. Skip It - where are my 80's and 90's babies??? These things were life when we were kids and if you think your kids will roll their eyes, think again! We do challenge tournaments and the entire family gets involved. Plus its a 6 pack for under $10!! Big feet may have to finagle your foot into the hole just a bit. 


6. 6 in 1 card games - lots of old school games like Go Fish and Old Maid.


7. Maze Book - These are just fun and take some concentration to figure out!


8. Craft Kit - let them use their imagination to create something or go on Pinterest and show them some fun pipe cleaner animals to make! When I was a kid we made pom pom creatures and we thought they were the best thing with their googley eyes and fun hair!


9. Paint by Sticker - the mess free version of paint by number


10. 100 piece puzzle - don't be afraid to give them a challenge or to leave the puzzle on the table for multiple days. It gives them something else to do during quiet time!



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