During Quarantine, Mamas, be Mamas

March 16, 2020


I promise this won't be long. This hit my heart yesterday and I couldn't keep my fingers from typing fast enough. 


In the corona virus (COVID-19) craze y'all, most parents have now become work from home parents. I see MAMAs creating daily schedules and learning blocks of time. We've never been in the exact moment before so yes, the need for normal is necessary to some degree. But...


You are MAMA first, you are school teacher second.


Even if you are a homeschool mom full time, you are MAMA first, you are school teacher second. 


I know all of us as MAMAs have concern for out kids education during this time. My kids specifically will be out of school 17 days before returning back to a very routine learning environment. It would be irresponsible of me as a parent to completely eliminate any sort of education at all. This isn't summer break. There is no transition to another grade after this break. They will be required to jump (or hopefully tippy toe) back into a regular school environment in the next 3 weeks. But once again....


I am their MAMA first, their school teacher second.


MAMA is the safe place our kids run to.

We are the foundation for belonging.

We, Mamas, are the constant for our kids in the crazy right now.

They need us to be MAMA now more than ever. 


Hold tight to that. Dig your heels into being MAMA. If you're looking for something to calm the uneasiness of all of this, MAMA is where you need to place your focus.


As MAMAs we often feel the need to figure it all out, but as we try and navigate something new, maybe take the time to reconnect as a family. Spend some time just talking to each of your kids. 


Please don't take me wrong. I'm not telling you to completely forgo a schedule or not do any sort of schooling at all. None of us have been in this present situation!! This is literally something we tell our grandchildren about. I can hear us now "Back in 2020 your mama was home for 3 weeks because of that crazy corona virus, ya hear???" 


If you are a preschool, kindergarten mom - think of ways to incorporate their regular play into learning activities. Color with them asking them questions. Build with them asking them questions.

If you are an elementary school parent, maybe choose to focus on learning one specific thing like math facts, site words, reading more fluent. Use this time to encourage independent learning and quiet time. 

If you are a middle school parent, talk, talk, talk. Learn something new together. Bake bread. Paint. 

If you are a high school parent, watch a tv show they love with them. Watch a new movie together. 


Let them know your main concern through all of this is to be a foundation of support. Let them know your concern isn't them being out of school, its them!


Friends, there will always be the difficult moments in the day. You will have to step outside and take deep breaths. You will have to send them to their room to you can have some alone time. If you're a MAMA of toddlers, girlfriend you will have to draw circles and play with Play-dough for longer than you ever though humanly possible!


But I can promise you, if you focus on being MAMA with a dash of school teacher, you will 100% maintain your sanity much more. I'm here for you. I want you to not feel overwhelmed during the next few weeks. I know the pressure of life alone is a lot, so lets take the pressure off somewhere. You can do it. You can do it.









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