Moose & Muffin Sight Word Learning Activity {with free printable}

April 11, 2020


Hollis is 4 and a half and recently started showing an interest in reading. When we read books he will stop me, point to a word and say, "What does this word say?" He's already memorized a few words just from seeing them spelled out often, like stop and go, off and on. 


Hollis learned his letters and sounds super early. When Hollis was around 18 months he had a feeding tube put into his belly due to a swallowing disorder. In order to get him to sit still while we fed him through the tube we would let him watch YouTube kids videos. This video was one of his absolute favorites and he watched it over and over again. Before we knew it he could identify a letter by sight and if I asked him what a b said, he would sing the song from the video. 


A couple of days ago while looking for something to do my teenagers decided to go through their old school work I saved from preschool and kindergarten. Zion and Elle attended a Reggio Emilia school which is very similar to Montessori, but with a few differences. The curriculum is teacher led, but student guided and primarily bases how the children learn certain concepts around their interest. It is very art and imagination centered. We absolutely loved the school and the kids still have memories of their time there. 


In Elle's box we found a paper bag with a moose face stapled on the outside. Hollis immediately was interested in seeing what was inside. Inside he found multiple cut out, colored muffins with different sight words on them. He immediately started asking me what each word said and when he would repeat the word he put in inside the bag making a chewing sound. Another way we played was I would hold up two muffins with sight words and ask him to feed the moose the word he. Since he can't read yet, and doesn't know his sight words by memory, he would have to listen to the letter sounds to see if he could figure out which one was the word he. Surprisingly he did so great and just by doing this activity he learned the sight words he, my, and me. 


Elle couldn't remember the activity, but of course wanted to keep it in her memory box, so we had to make Hollis one of his own. Included on the printable is one moose face and 94 muffins with sight words, and 8 blank muffins for you to write in your own words. 


I quickly drew muffins and a moose for Hollis, but for you I've created a bit more put together version!


Click here to download your free Moose and Muffins sight word learning activity absolutely free! 


I hope you enjoy and I hope it gives you a fun activity to enjoy with your child while they learn their sight words. 







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