2020 NFL Draft Game (free printable)

April 18, 2020

The NFL Draft will without a doubt look different this year as Roger Goodell reveals each teams picks from the safety of his home basement. There will be no red carpet, no massive crowd, and passed jersey and handshakes to the chosen athletes. But for us here at home, it really won't look that much different! I've watched the NFL Draft yearly from my living room and that won't change this year. I will say I considered trying to get tickets to last year's NFL Draft here in Nashville. I didn't, but once I saw the craziness downtown I was very happy I was home!


I started watched the NFL Draft when I was a little girl with my Daddy and I've continued to watch it year after year. Our 14 year old son Zion has been hyped for the 2020 NFL Draft for some time and is updating us daily on who's possibly going where, the potential traded picks, the upsets, the mock drafts.... I think its safe to say, if there is information about the NFL Draft he's watched it! Zion has been playing football for the past 7 years and while he's always had a small interest in the draft, this year it seems he is much more invested. Since we have been super limited on what we are able to do at home, I decided on Thursday night we will have a 2020 NFL Draft party here at home and play a fun little guessing game for the first round picks.


Here is the free printable you can download and print on your own if you'd like to have your own fun on draft night!


For each pick you will have the option of guessing whether the player will be offensive or defensive, their position, and their name. There is also a trade option for each pick. You have the potential of earning 10 points per pick and at the end of the 32 picks in the first round, who ever has the most points is the winner. All the directions and rules are included in the download. There are even cheat sheets you can use, so if you don't know anything about football you can still play! Cheat sheets included are the draft order, top 32 players, and top positions each team is needing.


Let me know how if your family decides to play!


I hope you enjoy!








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