Five Amazon Favorites - 1st Edition

May 28, 2020


When it comes to Amazon I'm no newbie! I love a good deep dive into Amazon products and I'm always looking at the reviews. Reviews are you golden ticket to a finding a really great Amazon product. I'm going to do my absolute best to make this a recurring post at least once a month. On top of these five I could easily at 10 more! 


Alrightly, lets do it....


1. Sun Labs Sunless Tanner

I have olive toned skin so bottle sunless tanners are sometimes hard for me to achieve a tone that is natural to my actual tanned skin tone. I purchased this one specifically because it said for olive toned skin. It's called "ultra dark" but in my opinion it's not that dark. In fact I have to apply two layers to get the color I like. It doesn't streak, it doesn't smell bad, and it rubs in very well. I also use this 2-3 times a week on my face and I've never had a breakout with it. I apply with a mit. It comes out almost like a green color, but don't worry. It doesn't go on green or even remain green once rubbed in. 


2. LOVE enamel bracelet

Every time I where my LOVE bracelets I get compliments. My exact bracelets aren't available anymore, but there are some super cute options out there, just like the one linked above!


3. Jolene t-shirt and hat

Dolly fans unite! I have many, many Dolly shirts, but I absolutely love the retro vibe of this one! Definitely size up!


The hat is amazing quality to be less than $20. I prefer to remove the belt around the hat. Also comes in so many colors. I have the black one too!


4. A313 (vitamin A pomade)

I can't rave over this product enough. It is sold in Paris and if you read the reviews you will see many people say it is the exact same as the one they purchased while in France. I have used and currently do use prescription strength retinol and while RX is definitely stronger, this pomade is so very close to prescription strength. It works almost as good as Tretinoin. If you are new to retinol definitely read the blog I wrote on A313. I take you through exactly how to use it and what to expect. Hint: they peeling is normal!


5. Sheets

A quarantine purchase! I specifically looked for sheets with 4.5-5 star reviews. I didn't even look at thread count, I only read the reviews. And these y'all live up to the hype! They are so incredibly soft and lightweight! And since they were only $35 I bought multiple pair. 






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