Pantry Organization

June 11, 2020




 1. Small Metal Bins | 2. Broom & Mop Organizer | 3. Lid Organizer | 4. Small Package Tiered Organizer | 5. Large Glass Jars |

6. Large Metal Bin | 7. Two Level Pull Out Bins | 8. Labels | 9. Can Organizer | 10. Shelf Liner | 11. Plastic Wrap Organizer |

12. Cereal Dispenser | 13. Tiered Spice Rack


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I previously organized the pantry in our old house purchasing jars and bins that I thought would make the pantry function better and help me stay on top of what I had on hand. The pantry was much smaller than the one we have in this house and while I am able to still use everything I purchased then I needed to add a few more things to fill the space.


I realized there were many things I purchased for one use that I didn't really like using for that. I've been able to repurpose them and realized sometimes we think something will work for us until we actually start using it! Hopefully this will not only help you determine what you need to organize your own pantry, but also the items that really are beneficial and some ways to use them.


1. Small Metal Bins - I like to use these for snacks for the kids. I make little grab backs of crackers, veggie straws, granola bars, pretzels and they can grab one of these instead of the entire box.

2. Broom and Mop Organizer - In our last home I kept the broom and mop in the laundry room. In this pantry there is an open area, I'm assuming to be used for a trash can, however we'll be using an under cabinet trash can, so that leaves the space open.

3. Lid Organizer - I purged all the unmatched lids and leftover containers before we moved, so at this moment I have matches for everything! This though, is a great way to keep the lids nice and organized so they aren't laying in an empty cabinet or on the pantry shelf.

4. Tiered Organizer for Small Packages - I buy some repacked seasoning mixes and sometimes lose them because they end up in a larger bin. I'm thinking this will help to have them all on display, however I'm debating if I should get this or Number 7 to use for that purpose. 

5. Large Glass Jars - I originally purchased these will the intent to use them for snacks. I would empty the boxes and bags and my pantry would look more aesthetically pleasing! Yeah, no. It ended up being more of a hassle for me and I found the jars were better intended for my baking goods.

6. Large Metal Bin - This is where I store repackaged pantry goods and things like tortillas.

7. Two Level Pull Out Bins - I'm actually debating between getting this or Number 4 for my sauces and seasonings that are packaged. I haven't decided yet. I like that this one can be slid in and looks need and clean, but I also like the idea of having them stored on display so I don't forget what I have. 

8. Labels - Lots of premade labels in pretty font! I'm honestly not really into labeling everything, but I do like the idea of labeling my flours and sugars since those can easily be mistaken.

9. Can Organizer - This one is a must for me! My last can organization was in a plastic container and I stacked the cans, but then I would have to pull them out to see exactly what I had. Kinda defeated the purpose.

10. Shelf Liner - I love shelf liner. Not only does it help with messes, but it keeps everything steady and secure especially when you have many hands finding their way into the pantry throughout the day. 

11. Plastic Wrap Organizer - Still on the fence with this one, as I've always stored mine in a drawer, and I have lots of drawer space in the kitchen. I wanted to share just in case anyone is looking for something like this.

12. Cereal Dispensers - My oldest son is a cereal lover and I like it because its inexpensive to buy in mass quantities and he will eat it anytime of the day! I do have the large containers that you can pour from, but I like this too because this one can stay put in the pantry and I don't constantly have to remind him to "put up the cereal."

13. Tiered Spice Rack -  This is great for all those extra spices you have on hand that you don't use as often.











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