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Red, White, & Blue Charcuterie Board for July 4

We'll just be hanging around the house and headed to our neighborhood pool for July 4th this year. I wanted to have something festive that wasn't sugar heavy, and we could all still really enjoy eating.

Charcuterie boards have been a favorite of ours for years and is always our go to in home date night appetizer of choice!

All of the items on my charcuterie board were purchased from my local Aldi except the blueberry jam and the honey. The three cheeses I used were Humboldt Fog (a creamy, tangy blue cheese), White Cheddar (the star cheese), and Mozzarella Balls. I used a 3 meat charcuterie package including three different types of salami. This seems to me the most inexpensive way to purchase meats for charcuterie boards. I got all three meats for $8. I purchased an assorted pack of crackers that contained a few different shapes. For the fruit I decided to use red cherries, blue berries, and red apples to keep with the theme. I purchased watermelon too to use, but it was a little too large for my board, but that would be another great option and perfect for Summer too. My favorite charcuterie boards always have honey and some sort of jam. I personally love the way jam tastes with cheeses. The board felt very red, so I decided to go with blueberry jelly to add in more blue. If my son wasn't allergic to nuts I would have purchased either some cashews or pistachio to fill in the cracks and crevices and to go along the border of the patter.

I've been able to attend a few parties where we as the guests were taught how to assemble charcuterie boards by a professional. I had an overall of idea of what to do, but let's not get too carried away, I was still very much a beginner. I moved the cheeses around several times until I realized it all pretty much looks about the same wherever it goes! For the meat, I folded it in half to make a semi-circle and then folded it it half again to make a rosette. During one of my classes the teacher told us to not feel limited in the way we place crackers, so some of them I stacked, others I fanned out, and them some I changed the direction.

Creating this Red White and Blue Charcuterie board wasn't hard at all and took me maybe 30 minutes to put together! It would be super cute to add some American flag toothpicks too!

If you choose to make a similar board for your Fourth of July bash please tag me on Instagram @mirandasouthern and I will reshape your content in my stories!