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Three Games To Play in the Car with Kids Ages 5+

We moved to Nashville from Atlanta eight years ago. The drive is only four hours so we find ourselves driving back and forth quite often or even meeting friends and family halfway in Chattanooga. Eight years ago our big kids were 5 and 6 and we didn't have a vehicle with a DVD player so we had to get creative with the entertainment.

That was back in the day...

In present times we still don't have a car with a DVD player!! PS we totally utilize an iPad though! We've added one more kiddo and our big kids would much rather toss in their headphones and zone out for four hours. I honestly don't blame them! Car rides can be boring and even for me it's nice to not hear talking or asking questions at least for a portion of the ride. I do like to take advantage of the time we are all in one space and no one can leave! Those times are very few these days.

Lucky for me, my big kids still like their Daddy and I and don't mind playing their Mama's car games. I think I've done a pretty good job at keeping them fun for everyone and not a total bore or annoying! I mean we aren't trying to find 50 license plates, just trying to pass a little time laughing and hopefully making a few memories along the way.

Here are three of our favorite car games to get us from point A to point B just a little faster.

1. 20 Questions

A classic!! We start with themes. The "it" person can choose either a person, place, or animal. Thats all the info we get from them and then we begin asking yes and no questions until either someone guesses the correct answer or 20 questions run out.

2. TRL

90's MTV children unite!! Total Request Live is still kicking here in our family and so much easier thanks for Apple Music. We usually start this with Dad who is driving and go in a clockwise direction. Everyone gets to pick a song they want to hear! A lot of times we one up it by saying no artist can be played twice, which definitely gets us all thinking past just our current favorite tunes!

3. Dream a Little Dream

I have a list of questions compiled in my phone of fun things to dream know things like What is your dream car or dream vacation; if you could be anyone for one day who would it be? This is an awesome way to get your kids talking because there is always follow up questions and once they start opening up, they tend to get more comfortable sharing even more.

BONUS 4. Would you Rather

Okay, this one has the ability to get a little disgusting, but hey, such is life with kids. Everyone gets a chance to ask a "Would you rather" question and then everyone has to pick one! An example would be "Would you rather wear a scratchy sweater all day or a wear a pair of shoes that is too small for you all day?"

I'd love to hear if you have any favorite games you play on road trips to help pass the time a little faster!