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Teen + Toddler Shared Bath Inspo Board

Peel & Stick Wallpaper | Shower Curtain | Lighting | Turkish Towels | Amber Jars with Pump | Stool

The downstairs bathroom in our home has several purposes. It is our 14 year old son's bathroom as well as our 4 year old's son's bathroom. It is also the bathroom located in the central area of our home so will be the main on guests use.

I wanted it to be appealing to both of our boys, flow well with the rest of our house, and be a bold statement room for guests. While searching for peel and stick wallpaper I found this beautiful blue ocean-esque wallpaper. It felt suitable for both the boys even though their ages span 10 years. I also love the bold pattern and it has a vintage Art Deco feel. By going with a bold wall I can be minimal with rest of the decor.

All of our bathrooms were outfitted with basic silver hardware. As much as I would like to everything up with a beautiful brass, I know that would put me over budget so we are going to stick with silver and only switch out the over-the-sink lighting.

Hopefully this will help you as your set out to decorate your bathroom!