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Unique Wall Decor using Tea Towels

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When making decisions for what type of art and wall decor I wanted for our new house I knew immediately I wanted it to be unique. I am a creative person at heart. As much as I love a good Hobby Lobby find and drawing inspiration from other decorators, it is so much more satisfying to create a one of a kind piece for display in my own home.

Ever tried to explain your decorating style in one or two words??

Mine doesn't quite fit into any of the current terms placed on style. Maybe I should create my own!!

Some might say I lean towards a Modern Farmhouse vibe. Maybe. I would term my decorating style as Vintage Southern. Beyond what can't be described in just two words, I choose to decorate my house with items that spark a memory for me and in tern create a space I'm constantly happy to be in. Some items I've collected over the years from my own family but some are purchases from antique markets that have a Southern feel or new purchases that make me think of a special moment in time.

That was the inspiration behind framing these beautiful tea towels from Gladfolk, a shop I found on Etsy.

You can visit their website through this link.

I have many memories in the kitchen with both my Grandmama and my Mama. Without fail there was a kitchen towel hanging out near by ready for when their hands needed to be wiped. Most often the towel had a design that matched their chosen kitchen decor. My Grandmama even had a place where she kept her kitchen towels hanging over her sink to make for easy hand drying. Kitchen towels hold very precious memories for me and I knew somehow someway I wanted to use them in my kitchen decor.

I started my search on Etsy for kitchen towels, but moved into searching for tea towels simply because of the size. The wall I wanted to decorate in our kitchen was very wide and tall and I knew even for a minimal appearance I needed something much bigger than the dimensions a kitchen towel offered.

All of the tea towels on the Gladfolk store page are 28 x 28. The majority are a simple yet beautiful grey and white color combo, however they do offer a few white tea towels with black screen printing. Here are a few other kitchen towels in Gladfolk's Etsy shop that I just love.

I personally fell in love with the message of Slow Down and Seek Simple. It was exactly where my heart has been since the beginning of the year plus it fully pulls into my love for vintage Southern decor and lifestyle. I can remember the slow days of my childhood where my mama and aunts would sit outside under my Grandaddy's oak tree just rocking in their chairs watching all of us little ones play. There was a slowness to life. There was no comparison. They didn't look at what others were doing and try to be like them or even one up them. They simply moved about their day. While 2020 is far different from the 80's, I must say I'm seeking to add those slower, simpler moments into portions of my day. Those times are when I'm the happiest.

Originally I planned on framing the tea towels in a traditional frame and mat, however once I priced the frames I realized for the size I was needing it was going to be way outside of my budget. The most inexpensive option I could find for the size of the tea towels were the magnetic frames. I also found once I framed the tea towels I loved how the framed mimicked the message on the towels. I purchased mine on Amazon and they came in right at $25 each. Much more budget friendly!! They come in a variety of wood colors and sizes also. Whether you are using a tea towel or a photograph or poster, assembly and hanging is super simple! It really is a no fuss framing option.

Since the framing is so easy it can also be very versatile. I can see myself switching these out seasonly with different messages on the tea towels.

My love for tea towels is never ending and I'm constantly adding to my kitchen. Below are a few other options you may like to add to your own kitchen!

Oranges | Southern Saying | Mums | Heirloom Recipe | Seek Simple

I'd love to see your framed tea towels!! Tag me on Instagram @mirandasouthern!