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My PRP Facial Experience and Results with Better Life Franklin

I wasn't kind to my skin in my teens and my twenties. Skincare in general just wasn't a priority for me and I relied heavily on the fact that I received good skin genes from both my mother and my father. In my thirties though it all started to catch up with me and I had to start doing quite a bit of back peddling.

I still remember the first cosmetic dermatologist I saw when I was 31. I was looking to even out my skin tone a little and cut down on some of those pesky sun spots that had gotten darker over the years. He did a quick assessment and then informed me my neck and face didn't match. His exact words were "Your neck looks about 25 and your face 40." I was scared into taking care of my skin ever since!!

I've been doing an at home version of microneedling for a few years to help with skin elasticity and overall skin tone. I knew there was added benefits of having a professional microneedling done by an aesthetician and obviously the in office procedure is much more in depth than my at home microneeding device. I was very excited to begin working with Better Life Franklin in Cool Springs to provide before and after results of a microneedling procedure.

This post is sponsored by Better Life Franklin. As always all opinions are 100% my own.


I chose to do a PRP Facial because of the benefits of improving skin elasticity and overall texture. The P-R-P in PRP Facial stands for platelet rich plasma and is pulled directly from your own blood. Microneedling is wonderful for anti-aging because it encourages collagen production. Collagen is what causes our skin to be tight and firm. As we age our collagen production naturally slows down and that's when we notice a lack of plumpness or even some sagging in our skin. This is also why we begin to develop fine lines and wrinkles. So while the mirconeedling is already causing an increase of collagen production in the skin, the PRP is helping the facial work overtime since these platelets contain growth factors which help to stimulate rapid cell replenishment and rejuvenation of healthy cells. Because this is coming for your own body you don't have to worry with any allergic reactions to the PRP.

Better Life Franklin is located in the heart of Cool Springs, Tennessee directly off Mallery Lane near Cool Springs Mall. Better Life Franklin provides many different types of Medical Aesthetics including botox, microdeeling, and facial peels. You can see their full medical aesthetic service list here.

Better Life Franklin has taken the necessary precautions to make sure their facility, staff, and patients are all well protected during COVID-19.


The PRP Facial procedure starts with numbing your face with topical lidocaine. After this is applied over the entire face, plastic wrap is placed on top to help keep the lidocaine from drying too quickly. While you are waiting for the lidocaine to completely numb your face blood is be drawn and the aesthetician will come in and let you know what to expect with the PRP Facial and also answer any questions you may have.

To retrieve the plasma rich platelets the blood drawn will be spun. The red blood cells will separate from the plasma and your aesthetician will remove the plasma using a syringe.

It took about 35 minutes the lidocaine to completely numb my face. Prior to beginning the PRP facial I washed my face to remove all the lidocaine and I couldn't feel a thing. I told the aesthetician I felt like I was washing the face of a plastic baby doll!

Working in sections, an aesthetician released PRP onto my face and the aesthetician used the microneedling device to make vertical, horizontal, and diagonal passes on my face on top of the PRP. By doing this the needles were creating micro injuries to my face as well as forcing the PRP into those tiny spaces. The microneeling device has 10-12 medical grade stainless steel needles vibrating at a very high speed and thanks to the lidocaine I didn't feel a single prick! The aesthetician can also raise and lower the needles to allow for more deep or shallow penetration in some areas. The microneedingly process took about 45 minutes and when it was completed the aesthetician did a moisturizing treatment to help protect my skin.

Towards the end of the PRP facial my aesthetician did the microneedling under my eyes just at the orbital bone. I've always been told to avoid the underage area with any sort of treatment, but she told me because she can control the length of the needles in the microneedling device she can go a little closer under the eye. Another reason to have microneedling done!

Here is my face directly after treatment.


I couldn't feel anything for probably about 4 hours after the PRP facial. Once the feeling started to return to my face it felt like I had a bad sunburn. It was very tight and had a slight burn to it. Some areas burned more than others. I rubbed an ice cube over my face to help cool down the burning and the aesthetician told me if it got too painful I can take Tylenol. I never had to do this though!


For the remainder of that day and night I was to do nothing to my face and stay out of direct sunlight. The morning following the procedure I was allowed to wash my face with a gentle cleanser and apply SPF and a moisturizer. I could resume normal skincare, but was to stay away from harsh exfoliants and any acidic products. For 24 hours following the facial I was told not to wear any makeup or be in any direct sunlight.


I didn't see all of the redness go away until around day 3. You can see if in the pictures too. The aesthetician told me I could have some dryness and I did. I bumped up my moisturizer and then on day 5 I emailed to see if I could use a gentle exfoliant. The dryness had gotten so bad, I felt like I had a build up of skin covering my face. She said yes I could and also encouraged me to use a Vitamin C serum to help lighten some of the dark spots. These photos are day 1 and 3 post treatment.


I began noticing a difference in my overall complexion. My skin was brighter and felt tighter. I didn't expect all of my dark spot to be gone, but I did notice they had a lighter appearance and the overall appearance of my skin was brighter. This picture is 7 days post treatment.

Today I'm 10 days post treatment. I am continuing to wash with a gentle cleanser in the morning followed by Vitamin C serum, SPF and moisturizer. In the evening I wash again with a gentle cleanser and apply Vitamin C serum and a PM cream. I have been told with each PRP facial the benefits are enhanced and can definitely see why people would choose to do multiple PRP facials.

I had a wonderful experience with Better Life Franklin. The staff was friendly and very easy to talk to. They answered every question I had and made me feel comfortable when receiving the PRP facial. While this is a medical facility the room still felt very spa like and I left the office relaxed.

The price of 1 facial at Better Life Franklin is $495, however they have been so generous to give my readers a discount. If you mention my name you will receive 3 PRP Facials for $999! Basically its buy 2 get 1 free which is an amazing deal!

If you have any questions about the PRP Facial or Better Life Franklin message me on Instagram @mirandasouthern.